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02/03/1986 (Tuổi: 33)
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    02/03/1986 (Tuổi: 33)
    Home Page:
    1.Name:medical disposable surgical dressing
    working principle: Type A dressing consists of backing base material, absorbent pads and anti-sticking layer. Backing substrate is polyurethane composite membrane or non-woven fabric coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive; Absorbent pad is cotton core with mesh; Anti-sticking layer is CKK paper. Type A dressing can effectively absorb the drainage, and protect the wound from infection.

    2.Product parameters
    medical disposable surgical dressing
    Brand nameChukeu Haifukang series
    Packet50packs/box 24boxes/ctn,25packs/box
    32boxes/ctn,25packs/boxes 32boxes/ctn, 25packs/boxes 20boxes/ctn, 25packs/boxes 18boxes/ctn, 25packs/boxes 14boxes/ctn,25packs/boxes 10boxes/ctn
    Place of originZhenjiang,China

    it is used to cover and protect the wound after operation, especially swelling and moving position, In additional, it protect the opening damage, such as the damage of cut, split, abrasion and the wound of beingsewed up.
    1. Air permeable, helps release unnecessary sweat and moist around the wound
    2. Highly conformable dressing is easy to apply,conforms to body contour,and flexes with movement or swelling.
    3. Absorbs up to 8 times its weight in fluid, avoids bacteria infection
    4. Low allergenicity
    5. Soft & comforta le to use, filleted corner does not interfere with body motion
    6. Excellent adhesive properties, Long lasting adhesion yet easy to peal
    4.Application scenario
    Applicable department:
    General surgery, Burns Department, operating room etc.

    5.Packing and shipping
    Shipping: Express, Shipping and freight service.
    Deliever time: usually 1-2 months, but the accurate time mostly depends on the quantity and payment time.

    6.Certified product
    China Wound Care Dressing manufacturers