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Automatic Barrier Gates manufacturers China

Thảo luận trong 'Thắc mắc - Góp ý' bắt đầu bởi ttaa0934, 28/01/2019.

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  1. ttaa0934

    ttaa0934 New Member

    Bài viết:
    Đã được thích:
    Parking Barrier Gate
    Model: PB002
    Gate Barrier General Description
    GS latest parking barrier gate,self design and manufacture, highly integrated mechanism and control system, 100% heavy duty operation. Adopts high quality galvanized steel and high class imported traffic powder coated. Dust-proof, rainproof and rustproof design, suitable for outdoor and indoor use.It's widely used for applications like parking lot, parking garage, office buildings, industrial parks and residential communities etc.
    Gate Barrier Datasheet
    Electromechanical barrier for passages up to 6m, intensive use
    Easy to use external manual unlock device
    Stainless steel version available
    Speed, strength and soft stop/ start adjustable for an always correct use and performance
    Slowing down setup thanks to two adjustable limit switches
    Straight Boom length:2M-6M
    Opening and closing time: 3s
    Voltage: 220V/110V + _10%
    Frequency: 60HZ/50HZ
    Motor power consumption: 120W
    Working temperature: -40℃ To 85℃
    Housing dimension:1000(H)* 300(W) *240(D) mm
    Base dimension: 347(w) * 364(d)mm
    Weight not including barrier boom: 34kgs
    Drive: Torque Motor
    Maximum Remote Control Distance: 60m
    Gate Barrier Inside Details
    Gate Barrier Features:
    Integrative machine core: all part is made via mold, so all parts can be moreaccurate. And so the barrier gate can be much more stable;
    Left or right installed can be amendable. Customer can amend install directionby himself.
    No need to change spring for boom length changing (one spring for 3-6m boom);
    Aluminum die casting machine core and big reduction ratio transmission motorsolve the problem of motor blocking;
    Barrier can warm up automatically by itself if temperature is 0 degree or below,so barrier still can work in very cold environment.
    GS Gate Barrier Technology Details
    GS Gate Barrier Images
    GS Gate Barrier Installation ImagesAutomatic Barrier Gates manufacturers China

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